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“Can’t Get Away from my Desk” Workout

28 Sep

I spend most of my day at work from 8 am to 5 pm and I am sitting on my chair with the exception of the 1 hour break that I even sometimes don’t have time to take…
The lack of movement combined with the way I usually set had a very negative effect on my body…Thats why I decided that I need to do something about it … so I searched the net for exercises that are simple, doable in office and doesn’t take much time …

The Office Workout by Paige Waehner was the answer to my query…

Waehner says  “This workout doesn’t take the place of traditional strength training, but offers you a way to keep your blood moving if you can’t get away from your desk.”

What do you need for this workout? A chair and a water bottle…how convenient =)

Stretches for Your Wrists and Arms

office-wriststretchWrist Stretch: Extend arm in front, palm up and grab the fingers with other hand. Gently pull the fingers towards you to stretch the forearm, holding for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
office-wriststretch2Wrist & Forearm:Press hands together in front of chest, elbows bent and parallel to the floor. Gently bend wrists to the right and left for 10 reps.
office-backstretchLower Back Stretch:Sit tall and place the left arm behind lefthip. Gently twist to the left, using the right hand to deepen the stretch, holding for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.   


Lower Body Exercises

office-hipflexionHip Flexion:Sit tall with the abs in and lift the left foot off the floor a few inches, knee bent. Hold for 2 seconds, lower and repeat for 16 reps. Repeat on the other side
office-legextensionLeg Extension:Sit tall with the abs in and extend the left leg until it’s level with hip, squeezing the quadriceps. Hold for 2 seconds, lower and repeat for 16 reps. Repeat on the other side.
office-innerthighInner Thigh:Place towel, firm water bottle or an empty coffee cup between the knees as you sit up tall with the abs in. Squeeze the bottle or cup, release halfway and squeeze again, completing 16 reps of slow pulses.

Chair Exercises

office-chairsquatChair Squat:While sitting, lift up until your hips are just hovering over the chair, arms out for balance. Hold for 2-3 seconds, stand all the way up and repeat for 16 reps.
office-dipDips:Make sure chair is stable and place hands next to hips. Move hips in front of chair and bend the elbows, lowering the body until the elbows are at 90 degrees. Push back up and repeat for 16 reps.
onlegsquatOne-Leg Squat:Make sure the chair is stable and take one foot slightly in front of the other. Use the hands for leverage as you push up into a one-legged squat, hovering just over the chair and keeping the other leg on the floor for balance. Lower and repeat, only coming a few inches off the chair for 12 reps. Repeat on the other side.

Upper Body Exercises

office-frontraiseFront Raise to Triceps Press: Sit tall with the abs in and hold a full water bottle in the left hand. Lift the bottle up to shoulder level, pause, and then continue lifting all the way up over the head.
tricepWhen the arm is next to the ear, bend the elbow, taking the water bottle behind you and contracting the triceps. Straighten the arm and lower down, repeating for 12 reps on each arm.
office-bicepBicep Curl:Hold water bottle in right hand and, with abs in and spine straight, curl bottle towards shoulder for 16 reps. Repeat other side.

 Ab Exercises

absideSide Bends:Hold a water bottle with both hands and stretch it up over the head, arms straight. Gently bend towards the left as far as you can, contracting the abs. Come back to center and repeat to the right. Complete 10 reps (bending to the right and left is one rep).
office-abAb Twists: Hold the water bottle at chest level and, keeping the knees and hips forward, gently twist to the left as far as you comfortably can, feeling the abs contract. Twist back to center and move to the left for a total of 10 reps. Don’t force it or you may end up with a back injury.



Makeup Video Tutorials

27 Sep

Celebrating with Henna

16 Sep

Henna is a type of temporary tattoo that dyes the skin for several weeks. Henna is originated from a flowering plant that is dried, grounded and then by adding some essential oil turns into a paste that get placed into a cone. The paste gets applied to the skin in beautiful artistic designs and as it dries and hardens it begins to fall off leaving behind an orange tint that turns within a day into an attractive red-brown stain.

Henna is a body paint art that is embedded in Emirati culture and traditions. Many women still carry on this tradition and cultural representation of beauty and celebration.

The upcoming Eid (Eid Al Fitr) is definitely an occasion that causes all salons to be filled with girls who wait as long as 4 or 5 hours to have their hands, feet, fingernails, and/or parts of their body be embellished with Henna designs…
Henna is considered an essential accessory in major occasions and social celebrations here in the UAE.

Personally I love Henna and will try to put it for Eid, if I find a place that would accept to do it for me; you know it’s all crowded with girls of all ages who want to decorate their hands with Henna for Eid…

Happy Eid everyone…





My Dubai Metro Experience

11 Sep

dubaimetro-img001I had to see Dubai Metro, ride it, feel it, enjoy it then share my experience with the world. I know it doesn’t need me to talk about it but it feels different when you share your personal emotions and thoughts as you go through your 1st experience with DubaiMetro.

Congratulation Dubai.

I am so proud and honored today of Dubai and the fact that I am a citizen of this great nation.

Today I went with my friend to the metro station at Emirates mall and took the metro to DIFC station then switched back. I have travelled to many countries all around the world and rode their train and metro systems; honestly, DubaiMetro is one of the top metro systems in the word in terms of technology and luxury. It was a short ride; I enjoyed it alot and will definitely do it again and again in the future because the Metro will truly be My Choice “el Metro E5teyari”.

Luxury, Comfort, Time Efficiency, Cost friendly; these words simply describe DubaiMetro. RTA did a great job in planning and executing His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum vision. Well done RTA; you deserve to be awarded for being on top of your field.

This metro is one of the most sophisticated metro systems in the world and the stations are no less. They are luxurious, clean, organized with many facilities that aides all kinds of people and provide 24hr security, first aid kits on board the metro and in each station.
To be able to use the metro; I bought “nol” gold card. There are different kinds of cards available which makes it affordable and obtainable by everyone. You might wonder why the metro tickets are named “nol”, I did as well. “nol” is the currency that Dubai sailors used when trading goods. It is not used anymore but it carries in its name Dubai’s history and heritage.

On board the metro, there is a section for Gold card holders and a section for women and children only as well. The metro seats are very comfortable and the view to Dubai city as the metro moves to its destination is amazing. On board there are at least one hostess in each Cabin assisting the passengers and gladly answering their questions. Being an IT person, I was very happy when I knew that Wi-Fi is available on board the metro; this allows everyone to carry on their work and/or enjoy the benefits of the internet as they ride the metro. This is what I call a World-Class service.

I loved the experience, and I took some memorable pictures of my first experience with DubaiMetro.

Don’t hesitate and try DubaiMetro. I am sure it will be as amazing to you as it was to me and you would make it your choice as well.

Enjoy the ride.

10 Minutes Me

8 Sep

قلوب للايجار
When watching “Qoloob lel Egar” series yesterday on mbc1, I learned a very important lesson.

One of the daughters is working for a manager that from the first episode she portrayed as an unfair, unqualified manager who is always trying to put her down.

This episode, she ironically complemented the manager but he didn’t recognize the irony in her tone and complemented her as well and told her how that she is one of his best employees. His reply surprised her and opened her eye to how really the manager perceived her.

This made her sit with herself and started to evaluate herself, and came to the conclusion that she was the one who provoked the manager’s reactions towards her. Since the day she started working, she always made him feel inferior because she is a university graduate wherelse he didn’t even finish school and disregarded his experience and qualifications. She always was stubborn and challenged him in every request. When she put herself in his shoes, she realized that she would have done the same thing and felt ashamed and resigned the next day as she got to a point that she couldn’t rectify the situation and regain her good image in front of the manager.

This incident opened my eyes to an important point; I always complain about my senior manager as well and how that he is not giving me opportunities and always being unrealistic and unfair in his decisions and ways of doing things. Beside the manager, I complain about many other people as well from family, friends and even strangers who at many times were unjust to me. what I want to get to is that we always look into what others are doing wrong and what wrong they did to us but never stopped for a second to think what did we do and if we did wrong to anyone and how to change that and reconcile. I am not saying it’s always our fault but we need to always re-evaluate ourselves and always question us so that we ourselves don’t turn into those people we always criticize.

from now on, I decided that I would give at least 10 minutes of my day to think about the things that I did, how I was with the people around me especially my beloved ones and how to improve through changing me and not pointing figures and say they should do this or this…

Finally I have a blog

7 Sep

I have always wanted to start a blog where I can share my thoughts and emotions

for me, It is a way to get things out of my mind and heart and make space for new things =P

I am happy that I finally got the chance to create it

hopefully you find my posts interesting, entertaining and useful