10 Minutes Me

8 Sep

قلوب للايجار
When watching “Qoloob lel Egar” series yesterday on mbc1, I learned a very important lesson.

One of the daughters is working for a manager that from the first episode she portrayed as an unfair, unqualified manager who is always trying to put her down.

This episode, she ironically complemented the manager but he didn’t recognize the irony in her tone and complemented her as well and told her how that she is one of his best employees. His reply surprised her and opened her eye to how really the manager perceived her.

This made her sit with herself and started to evaluate herself, and came to the conclusion that she was the one who provoked the manager’s reactions towards her. Since the day she started working, she always made him feel inferior because she is a university graduate wherelse he didn’t even finish school and disregarded his experience and qualifications. She always was stubborn and challenged him in every request. When she put herself in his shoes, she realized that she would have done the same thing and felt ashamed and resigned the next day as she got to a point that she couldn’t rectify the situation and regain her good image in front of the manager.

This incident opened my eyes to an important point; I always complain about my senior manager as well and how that he is not giving me opportunities and always being unrealistic and unfair in his decisions and ways of doing things. Beside the manager, I complain about many other people as well from family, friends and even strangers who at many times were unjust to me. what I want to get to is that we always look into what others are doing wrong and what wrong they did to us but never stopped for a second to think what did we do and if we did wrong to anyone and how to change that and reconcile. I am not saying it’s always our fault but we need to always re-evaluate ourselves and always question us so that we ourselves don’t turn into those people we always criticize.

from now on, I decided that I would give at least 10 minutes of my day to think about the things that I did, how I was with the people around me especially my beloved ones and how to improve through changing me and not pointing figures and say they should do this or this…


3 Responses to “10 Minutes Me”

  1. Angelistic September 8, 2009 at 6:42 am #


    Thats so true sweets .. I agree with u 100%
    we need time to reflect and evaluate ourselves daily …

    Way to go and congrats on ur blog opening FINALLY!!

  2. Gladius September 8, 2009 at 6:50 am #

    What a lovely post dear 🙂

    [Quote] how to improve through changing me and not pointing figures and say they should do this or this [/Quote] I totally agree with this , although it can be hard at times but it’s an intelligent way to improve ourselves ..

    The problem is that people always look at the other person mistakes and never think for a second of the underlying cause behind that person’s behaviour (a habit that should be changed) ..

    At the end we should really belive that no one is perfect in life, everyone has his/her ups and downs and we are no difference .. so instead of zooming and haunting others mistakes we should stop consuming our energy and use it for something that can improve our thinking and increase our intelligence ..

    Nice post again, keep it up 🙂

  3. naimashaikh September 9, 2009 at 7:05 pm #

    I like the 10 minute concept. I read somewhere, sometime ago to use the 10, 10, 10 rule: will it matter 10 minutes from now, 10 months from now and 10 years from now.

    Pausing a moment to ask “what else could it mean?” can really change your reaction to what is perceived as a negative comment.

    I like your blog 🙂

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