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Celebrating with Henna

16 Sep

Henna is a type of temporary tattoo that dyes the skin for several weeks. Henna is originated from a flowering plant that is dried, grounded and then by adding some essential oil turns into a paste that get placed into a cone. The paste gets applied to the skin in beautiful artistic designs and as it dries and hardens it begins to fall off leaving behind an orange tint that turns within a day into an attractive red-brown stain.

Henna is a body paint art that is embedded in Emirati culture and traditions. Many women still carry on this tradition and cultural representation of beauty and celebration.

The upcoming Eid (Eid Al Fitr) is definitely an occasion that causes all salons to be filled with girls who wait as long as 4 or 5 hours to have their hands, feet, fingernails, and/or parts of their body be embellished with Henna designs…
Henna is considered an essential accessory in major occasions and social celebrations here in the UAE.

Personally I love Henna and will try to put it for Eid, if I find a place that would accept to do it for me; you know it’s all crowded with girls of all ages who want to decorate their hands with Henna for Eid…

Happy Eid everyone…